Joe Scarborough Gets His Panties In A Bunch Over ‘Offensive’ Marco Rubio Ad

I hate to admit this but I actually find “Morning Joe” entertaining because he often slaps down all the liberals on his show, but then at other times, he lets his whiny inner girly RINO out and ruins it.

Like this idiotic tweet:

Really? It’s “nativist” to look around at what Obama has done to America and feel like it’s completely different from what it should be?

Did Joe completely miss how Obama promised to “fundamentally transform” America? The moron was clearly trying to do that as a departure from the Republican ideal of America, and yet Scarborough believes that we’re being “nativist” if we reject it?

What an idiot.

Maybe that’s why people love Trump and Cruz and others like them – because we’re sick and tired of people always being “offended” when a Republican fights back against Democrats.

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