Would The Founders Have Wanted Someone With Microdactyly To Be President? NO!!

Republican primary voters have to face one uncomfortable truth: in the Federalist Papers and in numerous broadsides at the time of the founding, the nation’s forefathers made it clear that NO person afflicted with microdactlyly should become President.

No, it wasn’t enshrined in the law, because they never imagined there would come a day where the American public would even consider such a man to be President.

And yet here we are:

Is it Donald Drumpf’s fault that he was born with short stuffy fingers? Probably. But beyond his moral failings as a long-finger-grower, it remains the plain truth that our great country demands a man with great hands and fingers.

And Donald Drumpf is not that man. 

I implore everyone to look deep into their souls and vote #NeverDrumpf.

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