Lyin’ Donald Says RNC Received A MILLION Pro-Trump Postcards – They Received ZERO

Yet another lie by the Donald is being revealed to be about a million percent false.

It comes from this tweet sent last night:

The image is deleted because the original tweet has been deleted but here’s the image that went out:

trump postcard to rnx

So el Trumpo really believes that someone sent “a million” postcards to the RNC? Well there is absolutely no reason to believe that whatsoever, which means most Trump sycophants will swallow the lie whole and ask for seconds.

The Washington Post explains just how stupid Trump is:

Beyond that, it defies belief. Organizing a million people to send emails is hard enough to accomplish, and that doesn’t require getting postcards into peoples’ hands. A million postcards means distributing a million physical objects to a million people who actually send them in to an agreed upon destination. It’s extremely hard to believe that this could be accomplished without a lot of people being aware of it. People like, say, folks who write about politics for The Washington Post. Seems like it would have popped up on my radar screen.

What makes this particularly tricky is the fact that the postcards are printed with the wrong address.

Sure enough, the GOP’s website lists 310 First St. SE as its address, not 301. The address printed on those alleged one million postcards would have ended up dumped in a pile at the intersection next to the Capitol South Metro stop.

Have you used that Metro stop recently? Did you see a pile of one million postcards? Please let us know. For reference, assuming that a ream of 150 sheets of card stock is about 1.4 inches thick, you’ll be looking at 9,300 inches of stacked-up postcards. Or 778 feet. That’s two hundred feet taller than the Washington Monument. If stacked vertically. In a big lump, it’s about half the size of a gray whale.

Should be noticeable in an office building, right? So we asked the Republican National Committee how many postcards they may have received. “We have received a grand total of zero,” said spokesman Michael Short.

If this was anyone else, they’d be laughed at and ridiculed and mocked. But Trump’s followers are so dumb that they’ll just ignore it, eat it up, demand more lies. Sad.

This is a REAL problem though – what kind of idiotic notions are rolling around in his skull that he’s picked up on the internet without applying common sense and reasoning because he’s never been challenged to think critically in his life? That’s the real privilege of being a billionaire – you can buy off whatever yes-men you need to tell you you’re brilliant when you’re not. And that’s an enormous danger when you give such a moron the most powerful position in the world.

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