Ingraham and Dobbs Blame The Establishment And The Koch Brothers for Trump LOSING In Polls!!

Big-time Trump-humpers Lou Dobbs and Laura Ingraham must have seen how Hillary is trouncing Trump in recent polling, because they’re STILL blaming the ESTABLISHMENT for him losing, and somehow, the Koch brothers!!!

Watch below at about the 6 minute mark:

These idiots are absolutely delusional. They’re seriously blaming “the establishment” for Trump’s implosion, when it’s obvious that he only has his own childish temper tantrums to blame. Nearly ALL of the “establishment” is on HIS side now, and Trump-humpers are STILL blaming them!! LOL!! What did the “establishment” do that’s so wrong? Apparently Dobbs and Ingraham blame them for not backing Trump on his idiotic attack on a Gold Star family, even after they BOTH admit that he should shut up about it!! How stupid can you get?

AND they have the gall to blame Charles and David Koch?! Are you serious? All they did was refuse to fund Trump’s idiotic con-game, when he SAID he was going to fund it himself!! Is Trump entitled to other people’s money now?! Even after he says that he doesn’t want their money?! What a bunch of whiny parasites these Trump-humpers are.

And don’t miss that moment when Laura Ingraham says, “even if we lose in November it’s still gonna be GREAT!!” They’re already prepping us for a huge victory for Hillary. Trump did the same earlier today.

Are y’all tired of “winning” yet?

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