Rush Is Very Angry At Tim Kaine For Doing What Trump Does All The Time

El Rushbo opened up his show today in a fit of anger about the Vice President debate last night. He says that the Hillary camp might have purposely told Kaine to lose the debate but make sure to trash Trump as much as possible. But what really angered him is that Kaine’s behavior was “beneath us” and was an insult to America.

Listen below (he really gets angry at about the five minute mark):

I find this really odd. Does Rush not remember how Trump literally talked about the length of his manhood in one debate? Or attacked his opponents’ wives? Trump has gleefully wallowed in a deep sewer of his making, and Rush is angry at the VP debate? Kaine was rude in his interruptions, but at least they actually debated about policies of some substance!! How can he be upset at a debate that is supposedly below America’s dignity when he’s supporting a dim-witted thug who is way below our dignity?

Doesn’t sound like a guy who thinks Pence won, does it?

I really don’t understand how Trump supporters are steaming angry at Tim Kaine for what he did. Yes, he was rude and interrupted Pence the whole time. So basically, he did what Trump does every single debate. He out-Trumped Pence. This is actually a really smart strategy from the Cankles Camp because whenever someone whines about it, all they have to do is bring up all the times Trump did the same thing. And yet still they whine.

Trump has a way of stripping his supporters of any semblance of self-knowledge. And Rush is having the same problem Pence had last night – how do you defend a candidate when he’s used every dirty trick in the book? Sad!!