Ivanka Trump Retweets Article About Donald Letting Howard Stern Call Her A ‘Piece Of A**’

Trump’s daughter Ivanka doesn’t get to the news very quickly because she only got to read about how daddy Trump let Howard Stern refer to he as a “piece of ass” this morning.

She retweeted it, probably accidentally, on her Twitter account:

I say accidentally because she deleted her retwet very quickly after that, but it was too late!! Several people saw the retweet and a few got screengrabs of it.

Can you imagine having to read about how your father let some scummy guy call you a “piece of ass”? And this wasn’t in private – it was on Howard Stern’s popular radio show, meaning that he didn’t care that millions of people would hear him talk about his daughter that way. What a great election!!

Oh hey don’t forget that time Trump’s own workers sexually harassed Ivanka either!