Boo Hoo! Trumpendejos Demand FBI Director Be Killed For His ‘Treason’

Not surprisingly, Trump supporters who have been pickled by outrageous and false conspiracy theories by disreputable websites are besides themselves with outrage at the FBI Director’s announcement today.

They’re so angry that they’re calling for the death of Comey, because Twitter mobs are the best way to fulfill due process:

Now, the penalty for treason is death, so basically all these morons are calling for his death, but they’re probably so stupid they don’t realize it:

“Sorry sir, we got 30 people calling us saying you committed treason, and that’s all the evidence we need!! Come with us!!!”


Sounds like a political office.

Now I don’t think these morons are representative of the average Trump supporter, but there are way too many of these idiots out there. And they’ve been radicalized by lying scumbag websites that feed them the most obscenely stupid conspiracy theories in order to make a buck. And it’ll probably cost us the election.