Full Interview Of Kellyanne Conway Annoying The Hell Out Of Jake Tapper

Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway had a wretched interview with Jake Tapper where she just attacked at every opening she was given. In this exchange, she is unable to answer why the Trump campaign is calling the altercation last night in Reno an “assassination attempt” when the protester was wielding an deadly automatic cardboard sign with armor-piercing fonts.

She goes on the attack against CNN with an absurd criticism Tapper is clearly annoyed with:

Conway has completed her transformation into a brain-dead Trump cultist today as evidenced by this whiny, contentious interview. She seems to believe that the way to “win” an interview is to deflect any tough question, and attack absurdly. I guess it works with the Trump crowd.

The tragedy of this election is that the media really IS biased against us, but the Trump campaign, like any con game, takes a shred of truth and opportunistically takes advantage of it by lying and exaggerating about it. This will utterly discredit the otherwise critics of the bias of the media by tying us to irrational conspiracy-theory-wielding morons.

Here’s the entire interview – it’s worth watching to see how weirdly belligerent Kellyanne is about ignoring reality and refusing to answer simple questions:

This election is at least partly about whether our country is going to reward reality-denial and ignorant bullying. I don’t think I can do that.