This Sean Hannity Meltdown I Caused Is Incredibly Enjoyable

So I have long been a critic of Sean Hannity, who has to be one of the dimmest of half-wits in whatever closet of the conservative movement we stuff all the meathead morons. I used to keep my utter and complete disdain for his brainless idiocy, but I’m being more honest and open in the Trump age.

So when I saw that he was using an epithet with an absurdly racist etymological lineage, I wrote it up for the Right Scoop. And when Susan Wright saw my post, she wrote something similar on Red State, a fine fine site, by the way. And that’s when meathead moron flipped his dim-witted lid:

Also, he spent the last few weeks pretending the “alt-right” didn’t exist, just because his BFF Trump demanded it. In fact, the dumbass coined the “alt-left” in order to DEFLECT from the focus on the alt-right and their racism INSTEAD of fighting them. He gave them cover to his moronic audience. That’s the kind of scumbag Hannity is.

A smaller objection – isn’t it funny how Trump defenders whine about “slander” and “smears” when the Donald is the worst offender in this election?

Also this idiot was pushing conspiracy theories about Hillary and her lesbian lovers a week before the election, but all of a sudden he has the highest journalistic standards.

The Hannity doth protest too much.

And yet, he approved of an alt-right epithet that specifically references disgusting racial sexual insults. Now he’s pretending to have high morals.

Uh oh, he’s going all caps. He’s probably destroying his keyboard with extreme Hannity Kung Fu strikes!!

The idiot literally wrote, “need I say more?” but now he’s pretending he didn’t approve of the racialist comment made in the tweet he reposted from a racist alt-right scumbag.

I wrote about the origins of the slur “cuckservative” here, and it’s pretty well known, but Hannity is acting just like Trump – winking at the alt-right racists while pretending it was all an accident. I’m sure it was an accident that I was assailed by maggots from the alt-right with racist epithets after I wrote about the word Hannity is retweeting with glee, right? Just wade through the filth of the comments section of that post to see the crowd that Hannity is winking at.

And in this response, he actually threatens to sue:

LOL! What a laughable idiot.

It’s really sad to see a pathetic dim-witted moron like Hannity abusing his media perch and lying to his gullible audience. But then this election has revealed all manner of scumbag con artists who only preached about conservatism as long as it made them money. Now they preach Trumpism and wink to alt-right racist maggots….