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The Great Mike Rowe Blames ‘Spoiled’ American Society For Ignoring Job Opportunities

In a really great interview with Mike Rowe, he talks about the incredible gap between a generation of Americans who can’t find work, and the enormous blue collar job opportunities they’re ignoring.

Watch below:

It really blows my mind how Mike Rowe is such a “cassandra” figure – in Greek mythology she was cursed by the gods with the ability to see the future, but have no one listen to her. Rowe has a very wise view of the economic reality in America, but so few people want to listen to him. I’m a huge fan of Mike Rowe – I haven’t seen the dude swing and miss on any topic so far…

  • MunDane68

    Truth of the matter: Right now in the Gulf Coast states, there are apprenticeships for welders, pipefitters and chemical workers. They will train you and pay you during training and do everything they can to help you sit for your journeyman exam because they need more skilled workers. But you will get dirty, sweaty, sore and if you are careless, injured or dead.

  • RageHard84

    6-figures! That’s better than a lot of people make.