Flashback: When Sean Hannity Was OUTRAGED At Obama Not ARRESTING Criminal Assange!!

Sean Hannity is cuddling with Wikileaks’ Julian Assange tonight in order to protect their pal Putin from the charges that he would do a bad thing like interfere in our elections:

Now, forget that Hannity has already done a radio interview with this creep and he already said it wasn’t Russia (because anti-American hackers never lie). But Putin-garglers will post this headline over and over as if it’s new.

Oh look at that.


But I digress. Let’s put that aside and go way back to 2010 when Sean Hannity was OUTRAGED, OUTRAGED I tell you that Obama wasn’t doing enough to arrest this awful criminal Julian Assange!!

It’s OUTRAGEOUS I tell you!! And Sean Hannity will use his Kung Fu to chop through Assange if he dares to get in the way of his puppy love for Trump!!!