Classy Sean Hannity Drudging Up Morning Joe’s DEAD AIDE To Defend Trump

Kung Fu Sean Hannity is all AMPED UP and seeking to karate-chop the foes of his BFF President-elect Donald Trump!! Grab yourself some Brawndo, pour it down your throat and get ready for some Hannity-sized butt-thrashin’!!! On TWITTER!!!

First he hacks at the adam’s apple of Joe Scarborough for stupidly tweeting about Andrew Kazcynski’s joke making light of fearless leader Trump’s insults to the media!! How dare they!!


That’s not funny!! You are not allowed to joke about Trump’s divine words, he uses the best words!!

Check out this vicious cutdown by Hannity, bro:


Uh… not sure why he’s getting so angry about something that has absolutely nothing to do with him, but BOOOM!!! He’s referring, of course, to Lori Klausutis, the aide to Scarborough that was found dead in his office due to an untimely accident. Apparently Hannity is going to blow the lid on that conspiracy theory – because he’s been holding back until this moment when Scarborough made a joke about Trump?! Bad-ass!!!

He continues:

The context for this comment is Anderson Cooper mocking that he was going to check with Sean Hannity to see if he was going to back Trump on his attacks on the press.

Thin-skinned Hannity-hack-ATTACK!!!

When criticized for his Hannity-hack-kung-fu-attack, he came back by borrowing from his BFF:


How can the media take these devastating kung fu hack-attacks from Hannity and still survive?!?