Watch Me Predict EXACTLY How Kellyanne Conway Spins Sean Spicer’s Lie

I don’t usually toot my own horn, but I had extra time today so I thought, “why not!?” In this last week’s sooperpodcast, I predicted the exact spin that Kellyanne Conway was going to use to bash the media and defend Sean Spicer’s absurdly stupid press conference.

I detail it in this video:

So there was some speculation in the media that the press conference was a trap set to make Sean Spicer look bad. I scoffed at this. And I explained how that entire thing was planned as a trap for the MEDIA. In the podcast, I predicted that Trump’s spokes-morons would try to conflate the stupid lie about the inauguration crowd with the “fake news” about the MLK Jr. bust. One day later, that was EXACTLY what Kellyanne did.

Here’s the entire interview from Sunday:

You can listen to the entire podcast where I predicted her spin here (at about the ten minute mark):

And here’s Sean Spicer’s crackhead press conference:

BOOM! That’s why you listen to the podcast. Not because of Matt’s stupid antics. OK mostly that.

But the larger point is this – if I could see it happening, why didn’t the media? Because they’re being played over and over by the orange-faced emperor.