Very Powerful Story About An Iraqi Translator Goes Viral on Twitter

A story about an Iraqi translator has gone viral on Twitter. It’s told by Dylan, an ex-soldier who completeed two combat tours.

Here ya go. Grab some Kleenex.

@dyllyp viral story 01

@dyllyp viral story 3

@dyllyp viral story 2

Wow. That’s a pretty powerful story. And you can tell by the thousands of retweets that it’s gone viral.

This is not a commentary on Trump’s ban on Muslim immigration from terror-stricken countries (at least, not on my part anyway). George W. Bush didn’t do a great good job about honoring what commitment we had to the thousands of people in Iraq who literally risked torture and death to help our military while they were there. They saved countless of lives, and in many cases, we left them to die among their enemies.

I really hope that President Trump does something to provide them with relief. It’s hard to think of anyone who has proven that they’re not a threat more than these people.