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‘He Taught Me EVERYTHING, He Taught Me EVERYTHING’ – Trump Supporter Who Was On Stage In FL

Wow. Gene Huber is the Trump supporter who was lucky enough to be brought on stage at the rally in Melbourne, Florida, today, and he went nuts talking to CNN about how great Trump is.

Watch below:

He says he has a cardboard box with Trump on it and he tells it that he’s praying for Trump’s safety every day. He also says that he loves Trump because he tells the truth, and it’s so heartfelt. And he knows this because it’s the greatest movement ever seen. Also Trump taught him everything, Trump taught him everything.

Here’s what he said when he went on stage:

I mean, what can you say to that? Nothin.

  • gastorgrab

    He’s a groupie.

    All groupies are a little bit weird.

  • gastorgrab

    To his credit, Trump didn’t spit on his groupies like Justin Beiber would have.

    He seems to understand the game better than the leftists who think it’s “their game”.

  • Anthony Ru

    Sooper Mexican=Hillary Clinton butthurt voter