Scumbag Matt Schlapp Is Lying About Milo And The Media Is Letting Him

Y’know, I’m kinda sick of this asshole Matt Schlapp lying about how he was “morally” outraged at Milo Yiannopoulos and his pro-pedophile comments.

He’s LYING. And the media is letting him.

Here he is on CNN tonight pitching the same old shit.

IF that’s the case, then WHY didn’t he disinvite him AS SOON as the videos went viral?

IN FACT, he DEFENDED having the douchebag for almost 24 hours before giving in to the public outrage.

Here he is trying to call Jonah Goldberg a hypocrite for the criticism:

He retweeted this calling Ana Navarro a “neo-lib” for opposing Milo:

So does that make Schlapp a neo-lib now? Pendejo.

Here he is retweeting a tweet literally referencing pedophilia:

He literally called him radioactive, but said he was amaaazing:


And now the lying hypocrite is clutching his pearls and claiming morality! LOL!! Incredible.

BUT that’s not all!!!

He lied about him being a keynote speaker, OR let it out in the media without correcting it:

I have pat myself on the back for calling out his absurd idiotic lies long before this debacle:

Pat. Pat. Pat.