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Here’s What Happens If You Search ‘Jews’ And #FireKushner

So the alt-right is all upset because Trump fired missiles at an airfield in Syria because they’re big Syrian airfield fans, I guess, and they’re demanding that el Presidente Trump fire his son-in-law Jared Kushner.

And they made #FireKushner trend.

But if you thought it was innocent political advocacy, all you have to do is add “jews” to your search of the hashtag:

Ah, well. I’m sure that’s the only one, right?


Oh. Well I’m sure it’s a yuge coincidence because everybody said they’re not *really* anti-semitic, how could they be?! They were voting for a guy whose son-in-law is Jewish!!! Oh wait. Right. #FireKushner.

They’re not even original:


This was a very early one with the hashtag:


It’s all one big yuge coincidence, I swear!!!

But I mean definitely absolutely do NOT do this search either:


And for real kicks, pick one of their screennames and search to see what they say about Putin:

No wonder they got all their knickers in a twist.

For less anti-semitism, but just as much alt-right whiney snowflake fun, check out this previous post.

  • Grant Naylor

    Yup – TOTALLY not a Cult of Personality.

  • WeNeedPeaceNow

    Well, the jews took over Russia and look how that turned out, only 60 million dead ethnic white Russian Europeans.
    Then the jews took over Ukraine and well, only 14 millions that starved to death because of jews.
    Then the jews weren’t happy with Israel and decided to kill millions in the Middle East by attacking USA on 9-11.
    Does anyone actually think anything good will come from jews running the US government? Really? Anyone? Seriously? Does America need any jews in positions of power? What is an acceptable death toll for Americans dying for Israel? 1 million ? 6 million? 60 million? 300 million? Every Americans? Cause I tell you what, those jews are doing a bang up job in the Middle East right now.

  • USMC Mustang

    Ban this racist.

  • WeNeedPeaceNow

    So far, this ISRAELI SHILL is ;
    1.) Pretending to be a US MARINE
    2.) On multiple sites advocating for bans on anyone who has exposed Israel
    3.) Is active on : The Hill, We are Change, Theralphretort, and now this site.
    I am an American not pretending to be a US Marine and going around to different sites demanding a ban of Americans who do not want more wars for Israel. GET RID OF ALL AIPAC SHILLS not only from websites but also from our government as well. It is not racism to outline how RACIST ISRAELI POLICIES OF WAR ARE KILLING OUR FELLOW AMERICANS. If Israel wants to keep the Golan Height’s oil rich land then let them kill their own Syrians for it. We American citizens know this push for war by the jewish run media is strictly for the benefit of Israel and this must stop before our country suffers the consequences around the world for all these useless wars the benefit only Israel. We went from being the most loved country in the world where nations loved doing business with us to being hated by everyone around the world who now refers to America as a slave colony of Israel. Not one person can deny that fact. The world hates us Americans, all because of zionism, Israel, and the wars that jews push for here in America as well as in Israel.