If Sean Hannity Has Evidence Of Anything, WHY Did He Back Down?

Once again, conspiracy theory morons promised a “smoking gun,” produced nothing, and then proclaimed victory and victimhood. This is the cycle of conspiracy theorist scumbags, and their regional potentate is none other than Sean Hannity, who promised HUGE news today, and instead, CAVED on his idiotic conspiracy theory. 

So my question is this – if they keep finding more and more “smoking gun” evidence, why did he back down?

Because they don’t. And they’re lying scumbags.

Earlier in the day Sean Scammity actually shouted on his moronic radio show for losers that he would not back down because the conspiracy theory was too big.

What a scummy scumbag – pretending he was doing the family’s wishes when they publicly told him to stop. But he kept on just long enough to put in a plug for his show:

LOL! He’s such a conscientious honorable guy – as long as his bovine viewers keep putting money in his bank account that is.

Then he had the audacity to pretend he was going to stop pursuing the conspiracy theory because of the family’s wishes:

But that’s a complete lie and it doesn’t take much to prove it.

Just ask yourself this – if he could actually prove that Hillary killed Seth Rich, no one would care that the family was asking him to stop looking into the conspiracy theory. If he could ACTUALLY prove anything, then Hillary would be sent to prison, the family would fall to his feet in thankfulness, and he would be praised as the greatest investigator in history.

But he stopped. Why?

There is NO WAY he stopped talking about the case because of the family’s wishes – he had ALREADY said earlier Tuesday that he was FULFILLING their wishes by talking about it. He’s already shown he’s scummy enough to push the story and ignore the family’s wishes. So why did he really do it?

Because he has no evidence of his idiotic conspiracy theory, and perhaps someone at Fox News cursed and yelled at him enough to get through to the last dimmed wit that might still precariously exist in his mind.

If you want some evidence of that theory, go watch that video at about the seven minute mark and see how he tears up, literally chokes up, and messes up his words, when talking about the loss of his advertisers. In the entire video, this is the ONE time he actually, literally tears up! LOL!!!

Here’s a screenshot:

Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 3.32.48 AM

As much as I’m sick of Sean Hannity scumming it up on Fox News, I also feel incredibly vindicated because I saw through his idiotic charade years ago. It’s sad that he has fallen so far that he would sell away what little credibility he had for the sake of proving his unrequited love for Donald Trump, and to stuff his wallet with even more money….