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A Discussion on Libertarianism and Conservatism in the Age of Trumpism

I had a really great discussion with Brian Nichols, the associate editor of the Libertarian Republic. We discuss how Libertarians and Conservatives can be friends in the age of Trump. I really enjoyed it and hope you do as well!!

Brian posted it on YouTube, which is great:

For those who follow the SooperPodcast on ITunes or elsewhere, I’ll try to upload it for your podcast listening pleasure soon.

Thanks to Brian for hosting such a delightful and honest discussion without rancor, and without outrage. It was quite a departure from the usual politics!! Check out his website here.

And if you have any comments about how we defined Conservatism and Libertarianism, feel free to add them below.

  • Grant Naylor

    I never really had a problem with Libertarian-ism, other than it did the whole cult-following thing (Ron Paul) WAY before Trumpism/Obamaism/Clintonism ever came into existence.

    But to me (My personal opinion here) was that it was more inflexible than Conservatism. Conservatism flexed and was agile as the society changed and technology advanced.

    I don’t think the Federal government should be eliminated, or so small we cannot conduct political business internationally…but absolutely it can be smaller than what it is constituted now.

    Not every aspect of a Government should be put in the hands of private industry, like the military, BUT some of it CAN be, now that technology like the telephone, Internet and transcontinental travel/commerce is available to nearly everyone at every economic/educational/political level.

    That’s why I said, if anything a small “L” Libertarian is probably the border in which my political leanings go to….with the majority of wide open spaces is to Conservatism.