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Alt-Right Idiots Saved Trump’s Life by Interrupting Shakespeare Play ‘Julius Ceasar’ [sic]

Ugh. We have to post this. So we’ve proven that we’re actually worse than liberals by whining about a Trump-themed Julius Caesar performance, when no liberals were upset about an Obama-themed Julius Caesar performance in 2012.

And the alt-right scumbags have been at the tip of the stupid-spear on this one.

So tonight they interrupted the play by screaming like idiots, because, really, they’re just like leftists.

Watch below:

The greatest thing is how this doofus can’t even spell Julius Caesar right:

These are real geniuses.



And king of the idiots:

Remember when we used to say free speech was for speech we didn’t like? Now some people want to be just like the totalitarian left and shut down speech because it melts their snowflake sensibilities.

I mean, what did this really accomplish? It’s just empty onanistic pathetic performance art. They’re just wallowing in the cesspool with liberals and dragging us all down with them….

  • David Thomas

    Thinking like yours was totally destroyed this country and even walk all over you

  • Frustrated Teacher

    So, do we have the right to protest this play? How best to do that….or do we just ignore it because it is ‘speech’….do we have a right to protest speech we don’t agree with? (Not shut it down or violently attack it…just peacefully protest). If I walked in the vicinity of this play with a boom box playing loudly, would that be evil too?

  • That’s idiotic and you know it. Be less stupid.

  • Frustrated Teacher

    Exactly what is stupid? I asked several questions and you gave me a blanket condemnation as idiotic. Sorry…I guess I am not as smart as you…why are these not legitimate questions? I agree with you more often than not but not in this case. Are we just to ignore this type of ‘speech’? I hear a lot of condemnation of her actions but what she did was speech as well….

  • You’re a teacher and you’re this stupid? LOL. Wow. OK. YES you have the right to protest. NO you don’t have the right to interrupt a play. You can stand outside on public property with signs saying the play is wrong. When you interrupt the play you just show that you’re a dumb stupid witless totalitarian just like the left is. Got that, teacher?

  • Frustrated Teacher

    Would have been better without the vitriol and name calling that are ALSO hallmarks of the left….see what I did there? Have respected you a lot on Twitter….not so much after this little exchange.

  • Stupidity is a greater hallmark. Go forth and derp no more.

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  • Delaney Coffer

    Only a shit stain liar like Stupormex would call that a Shakespeare lay. It’s a murder Trump play. Nevertrump scum only have lies as a means of communication. Thank God the piece of shit they campaigned for didn’t win. God bless America.