SoOperPodcast #254! The Very Ferry Matt-less Podcast!!

THIS WEEK WE HIT RECORD TWICE and it worked. I think. I dunno listen and see. Anyway we don’t have Matt with us, so Jess is sooper-anti-sooper. We talk about Ferry-Matt to Galveston, future Senator Kid Rock, and the YUUUGE Trump Jr. debacle and all the weird players in that story. Did Dana Perino predict the New York Times bombshell!?? The answer is si. Also we talk about how dumb Tucker Carlson is, and how blitzed an old fashioned would make Hapax Legomenon. What’s the stuff with the red cap?! Why does the border wall need a hole in it?!? And el sooper berates Jess for sending him worthless tweets in the DMs!! ALSO how Jake Tapper kneecapped Sebastian Gorka!! Wow!! You MUST LISTEN OR YOUR FACE WILL MELT!!!

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This week we have a preview for all you people who are sitting on the sidelines wondering if you want to jump into the pool. Listen to this brilliance:

OK that wasn’t all that great. Here’s Matt from last week:

Logic is the my-microphone of Soop.

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Here are some of the stories we talked about:

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