Pendejo Says Constitution Doesn’t Protect Speech, But Statue of Liberty is a SACRED VOW

I’m going to have use every ounce of restraint I have to not fill this post with Spanish expletives because wow you have no idea how much I despise this idiot Chris Cuomo.

CNN’s Jim Acosta brought out the absolutely abjectly idiotic objection to immigration control that liberals use all the time – “what about the Statue of Liberty!?!?”

Like seriously guys, is that all you have?

So of course, dimwit dullard Chris Cuomo comes out to provide an assist on the stupidest most irrational argument against immigration control. And calls it a “sacred vow.”

I… No, seriously, he says that.

Are farging keedeeng me you pin**e pend*jo?!?!

Oops, sorry. I slipped.

Now, not only is it completely effing absurd to act like our national immigration policy should be determined by a POEM ON THE STATUE OF LIBERTY, but this SAME effing absurd moron was arguing that the Constitution doesn’t cover hate speech!!!!

Are you serious?!?!

Even Politifact said he was completely full of Cuomo on this one!!!

So the Constitution protecting free speech is just a SUGGESTION, right?



*en espanol.

I’ve held this view for a while now.