Dana Perino Rips Into The Anti-Constitution ‘Alt-Right’ on The Five

Dana Perino is being attacked by the alt-right because she went on a short rant about how President Trump would help himself and his party if he would clearly and forcefully denounce the alt-right.

Watch below:

Here’s how she concluded:

“I think the president needs to understand these people are trying to unfairly find safe harbor under his wing and he should absolutely come out and say I disavow it completely. You can call them out by name, Richard Spencer, David Duke, whoever it is, he would actually benefit.”

“I do think he would have gotten that if he would have done it on Saturday. And I think he should get credit if he does it now.”

She is 100% right on this. The alt-right is a poisonous political toxin that is ideologically contradictory to conservatism and the principles conservatives hold. Spencer, who coined the term “alt-right,” specifically denies the Constitution – these are not patriots, they just wave the flag in order to further their toxic political agenda.

Here’s a post from November where I warn about the alt-right and what it would do to pervert conservatism:

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