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A Plea And Request For Everyone From A Concerned American

So you probably know I’m deeply critical of President Trump from my self-proclaimed position as a conservative of the “classical liberal” mold. This causes many to accuse me of being a secret Democrat liberal RINO on the payroll of George Soros. Most of that is completely untrue.

But people, it’s getting insane out there.

Is there anything that we all agree on? Can we start there, after everything else has collapsed around us and the mental landscape of our political life is a smoldering ruins?

How about this. We may disagree about whether Trump is doing a good job, about whether every element of his agenda is good for America. But we do agree on some things.

We all want one thing – we want America to be better, stronger, with more prosperity and happiness for everyone.

At least, the vast majority of us want that. Despite accusing each other that we don’t.

So how about we all just do a little less screaming about how to get there, and pray that we get there?

Screaming isn’t really working anyway.

Can we pray that God will lead this amazing beautiful country to greener pastures?

Let’s try it.

And then – instead of demanding everyone else live according to how we want them to live, how about we try harder to live the values and principles we individually believe in.

Let’s try that.

Pray, and act. And scream a little less. Por favor.

  • Hans Pfall

    Nice words. You must be getting scared after all these months of trying to undermine the one guy who might be able to put this country back on track (not to mention everyone that has supported him). Trump perfect? Hardly. But with the sniping from not only the left but “conservatives” such as you, he’s had the hardest time of any President in history.

    You have helped stoke the fire that now concerns you. Something to consider.

  • what kind of cultist are you that you can’t even take a call to prayer and politicize it? lol… just proves how pathetic the cult is.

  • Hans Pfall

    Cult, huh?

    Why do I call you out? Because when WE were calling for everyone to pray for our country and then our President, all we got was the RINO, never-Trump, “not my President” line. You’re line of thinking has ENABLED this stuff, so now when things are looking shaky, it’s time to pray? OK, yes…it sure is…and YOU need to repent for what you’ve enabled. You don’t have to love Trump, but you should stop trying to undermine everything he does. You should also cool it trying to convince people you’re a conservative (“…in the classical liberal mold…” HUH?), which you aren’t. That is fine to be whatever you want, but call a spade a spade.

  • Grant Naylor

    Its always has been and always WILL be about Power, Sooper.

    I hear your words, and echo them 1000% – along with a vast majority of people that are spread across the political spectrum. But for some, the draw of Power via Victimhood Status is too great. Its the ‘Golden Ticket’ to joining the ranks of the elite class without working too hard to get there by merit.

  • Grant Naylor

    Sadly, most voters and citizens would agree with you Sooper, but its going to take a LOT of prayer and compromise from both sides to even get back where we were just 10 years ago.

    And right now, thats not likely.

  • And this is why I say there’s zero difference between you trumpanzees and O-bots. None. You say the exact, same sh*t. Your other leftist brethren said the same about Obama, and now you’re saying the same about Thump, right down to asserting some false authority to tell people who isn’t “conservative” in your irrelevant book, and who isn’t. If anybody is “getting scared”, it’s you poo-slingers (trumpanzees). He’s endangering his own agenda through his own inarticulate buffoonery. He says one thing, then says something else to contradict it, later on. He blames everybody, but himself, just like the last president (that he lavished praise on). He criticizes the actions of past presidents, then duplicates those actions, himself. Then, he tries portraying himself as a “christian”, after a lifetime of showing he isn’t, and you defend this by saying he uttered some flowery, “christian” words, and telling everybody else to “repent”. Pathetic. If anybody’s trying to “stoke a fire”, it’s you, and the rest of you crypto-leftist, Alt-Right trumpanzees. Go back to drinking your orange Kool-Aid.

  • Hans Pfall

    Congratulations. You included almost every insulting progressive catch-phrase. You win a cookie. (I am channeling my inner Don Rickles.)

  • Congratulations, you continue to live up to being a trumpanzee. Everything that applies to you that you can’t intelligently rebut, you call liberal, while trying to castigate people for not supporting the self proclaimed NY liberal you voted for. Oh, and you’re nothing like Don Rickles. Don was a Conservative, and he was witty and intelligent. You’re none of the above.

  • Hans Pfall

    LOL. You’re a conservative. Uh huh. (To me, looks like the simian is calling the Trumpanzee black. Was that racist of me?)

  • LOL. You’re a trumpanzee that thinks I care what his uneducated opinion on my sociopolitical views is.

  • you’re the one worshipping a toupee-topped devil.

  • Hans Pfall

    I worship the Lord Jesus Christ. As for calling someone names due to their hair, may I remind you that YOU’RE the one wearing a Mexican wrestling mask. Kettle, meet pot.

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  • DonnieZen

    Is that all you have, name-calling? How about stating where you disagree with Trump’s policies, like getting us out of PCA, tearing down the CPP, dismantling the obama regulatory state, limiting immigration, dialing back the egregious EPA, issuing directives to insure religious freedom, turning back PC, etc’, etc. Oh, wait a minute, if you’re a true conservative you would applaud all these moves made by Trump. Which is it, are you a conservative first, or a nevertrump bitcher?

  • You’re still here? Go home. It’s over. Bye bye.

  • DonnieZen

    LOL. Zero intelligence, zero integrity.

    Fake conservatives are the absolute worst. Living a lie.

    “VirusX”, I’m betting Herpes.

  • DonnieZen

    Dbag, rebut what I’ve said to you. You can’t, you’re too pathetic.

    You’re with Her, huh?

  • DonnieZen

    Why do you never attempt to debate about Trump’s policy victories? It’s because you’ll be seen as a fake conservative, for that’s what you truly are.

  • Zero intelligence and zero integrity describes all conservatives, always 🙂

  • DonnieZen

    Inbred dog-fuckers always describes every pedo-liberal, like you. 🙂

  • halodoc

    Virus! Come look at my comment section, follow the link to the NewsBlender blog and join in. The gang got together and they created a really awesome new site.