Pathetic Race-Baiters At Onanist Network LIE About Michelle Obama’s Sexism Comments

Man, Michelle Obama made sure to offend EVERYBODY in this weird clip where she says men are entitled and self-righteous, but they’re that way because women raised them to be that way.

Watch below:

SO I might upset some people here because we’re supposed to reflexively disagree with everything the mooch says, but isn’t she kinda right? She says it in a really obnoxious way, but what she’s saying is what many of us have said about the millennial generation.

Young men especially seem to think they’re are smarter and more moral than everyone, that is, “self-righteous,” and that the government and society owe them everything – that is, “entitled.”

I don’t mean all of them, duh, this is a generalization, which means it’s meant to apply to many, but not all members of the demographic.

Rather than listen to what the mooch is actually saying, check out these pathetic roaches at the Onanistic network making it about race, and about white males, when she doesn’t mention either at all:

How the @#$^ are you gonna say it was an attack on white males when she doesn’t mention race AT ALL?! This is the most shameless and obvious attempt by these maggots to racialize a story and radicalize their idiot viewers. And I thought Fox News was bad.

What a bunch of stupid race-baiting outrage-mongering snowflakes. And their audience will eat it up because no one thinks rationally anymore, we just emote along hyper-partisan tribalist lines…