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Militant Marxists Attack Lena Dunham For Not Being WOKE Enough On Rape Allegations

Left-wing idiot Lena Dunham suddenly had to look up stats for how many women lie about rape when her friend was accused of raping an underage girl.

Watch below:

Weird because her story was much different in August:


The greatest thing is how she’s being torn apart by the LEFT on this one.


This is a very weird far left subset of the left – militant minority leftism that despises whites on the left for not being militant enough. They couch their critique in Marxist labels – any expression of leftism that isn’t extreme enough for them they call “capitalist” and hypocritical.



Yeah it’s almost unintelligible, but sure is fun to watch! LOL!!

  • Grant Naylor

    Strangely enough Soop, that picture of Dunham you used actually makes her look doable.

    After a few (dozen) tequila shooters with Modelo chasers. :o)

  • Jessi D

    This one annoyed me more than usual.

    The idea that Lena Dunham defended this guy because he is white is a billion millikohns of dumb. She defended him because HE IS HER FRIEND. If he were black and the accuser were white, should would have defended him because HE IS HER FRIEND.

    Jesus come quickly.