Media Bias

CBS tosses softballs to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and she screws that up too

When I saw this interview coming up I thought, “OK, let’s watch all the softball BS questions the ‘unbiased’ journalist is gonna ask these two clowns.'”

I was not disappointed in that prediction.

Let me run down the questions that the Commie clown couple had to face.

1) “Miss Ocasio-Cortez, you have said it was Senator Sanders who really inspired you… what is it like for you to be campaigning alongside him?”

Basically, “OMG how do you feel campaigning with Sanders, isn’t it amaaaazing?”

2) “Miss Ocasio-Cortez still has an election to win – what advice do you have for her?”

Wow, what a tough question for Comrade Sanders. He basically got to give MORE campaign platitudes as an answer to this. Pro-tip journalists, if a politician can just run off a bunch of their campaign agenda items in answer to your question, YOU’RE NOT ASKING GOOD QUESTIONS!!!

3) “Let’s talk about some of the candidates you’re out there right now, trying to help win…”

Seriously. Now she’s asking them to give campaign platitudes for OTHER commie politicians. Amazing.

4) “Miss Ocasio-Cortez, does that populist message bring out new voters?”

WTF?! This is like asking “do the voters love you? How much do they love you? Tell me why they love you.”

5) This one was about Crowley, the guy Ocasio beat. The question was whether “the year of the woman” and the timing of the primary were factors in her victory!

6) “So you reject the idea that your gender was a factor here?”

This one APPROACHED being a good question, but it’s so open-ended it barely touches on the anger from the left against Ocasio-Cortez about not being far left enough!


I’m getting kinda worked up here.

7) This one was a little tough for She Guevara. Margaret Brennan asked Ocasio-Cortez if she endorsed Nancy Pelosi as leader of the House, assuming they retake the House. Ocasio-Cortez tried to deflect it, and Brennan presses her to answer it. Eventually she just gives in and says yeah sure she’ll think about endorsing her.

8) “Senator Sanders, Vladimir Putin was invited to the White House, do you think it should be withdrawn?”

This is just, “tell us how evil you think Trump is.” And Sanders does.

9) “Picking up on that note… how do you protect yourself in the next race against something like that happening?”

Brennan is asking a Commie what we can do to protect the election from a former Commie, Putin, from interfering in it.


Watch the pathetic clown show below:

I could rattle off a TON of questions that actually might make news from this interview, and I don’t mean dumb “gotcha” questions, I mean about actual substance that people want to know. They didn’t ask those.

1) How do you respond to your Democratic critics who say your platform is far too extreme to win in mainstream elections?

2) Given that you’re both unabashed socialists, what do you say to those who point to the chaos in Venezuela and other socialist countries as evidence the system doesn’t work?

3) Miss Commie Ocasio-Cortez, you have recently made a few gaffes in the media that your critics have used to undermine the “revolutionary” narrative of your campaign. Are these mistakes a sign that you’re not prepared for the spotlight that comes with the seat you’re seeking?

4) Commie comrade Sanders, some critics say you didn’t press Hillary Clinton and the DNC enough after evidence arose that the primary election was rigged against you. Do you think you were a doormat for the DNC?

Maybe ask questions that you can’t find the answer to by a ten second scan of their campaign websites? Maybe?