SooperPodcast #306!! The Yutes Are NOT Alright And a YUGE announcement!!

THIS WEEK!! We have a YUGE announcement but someone already made it for us on HER podcast, but it’s still YUGE and I’m very mexcited. Also el Sooper GOES ON AN EPIC RANT and wow it gets a little uncomfortable and he’s very sorry, also JESS tries to insult him philosophically but it don’t work, Jess, it don’t work so try again maybe. and nobody cares about DoogarLand, Matt. Also what does Matt have to deal with, it’s people that have bad decisions and wow this guy is so judgey seriously, also el Sooper MEXPLAINS the incredible meltdown of Q-Anon and a scam maybe kinda and it’s awesome and it makes him happy for about 15 seconds, and then there’s a great announcement, and Norm Macdonald is the BEST!!! Also, our favorite comedians, not a mexhaustive list. WOW you have to listen NOW!!!

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Logic is the my-microphone of Soop.

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Opening song from Soundtrack to Idiocracy:  Nuevos Tiempos by Pueblo Cafe

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