End of an Era: Salem Radio replacing Conservative Michael Medved

I’m very sad to hear that Salem Communications is parting ways with a conservative talk radio legend, Michael Medved.

Medved was instrumental in making me into a conservative, and it saddens me that Salem is taking him off the air. He is brilliant, insightful, and always wise.

Fortunately for America, the show will go on:

I own many of his books, have called into the show, and met him a few times. I spent hours upon hours in my formative conservative years listening to him explain and defend what I have come to believe and cherish. He is a kind and good man. He even signed a parody Mexican ID card with the name “soopermexican” on it once. It is one of my most prized possessions.


I wish him well in his future endeavors.

Here’s an interview with him on his great book, “The Ten Big Lies About America’s History.”

And what’s worse.. they’re replacing him with a pile of crap.