Mainstream media is blatantly LYING about Obama and DACA to smear Trump

So now that the website is back up I’m gonna do more stories about what is pissing me off lately in the news. Which is the only purpose for this soopermexican persona to exist anyway.

Here’s the latest one.

Yes, I know it’s MSNBC, but they’re lying in such a stupid brazen way that I just had to point it out.

Whatever you may think of Trump’s other dubious claim, it is absolutely true that Obama said over and over numerous times that it was unconstitutional for him to try to change immigration law without Congress. He told this TO IMMIGRATION advocates because he was so annoyed by their demands.

Then he just up and passed DACA.

You can research more about what that actually is and why proponents pretend that it’s within his purview as commander-in-chief, but what you cannot do is rewrite history and pretend Obama always thought DACA was constitutional. If he thought that, why didn’t he do it before and not wait for Congress at all?

El Right Scoop has a list of some of the times Obama admitted it was unconstitutional here.
In any case, it’s not just MSNBC, I’m seeing this pushed all over the place, which is why I had to document how absurd the claim was.