John Stossel obliterates AB5, the freelance-killing ‘gig economy’ law, in a new fantastic video

The great John Stossel took on AB5 and he perfectly summed up the problem with the freelance-killing “gig economy” law in this short and engaging video. I encourage you to watch and share it:

Wow. Stossel is fantastic at making complex issues very clear, and he really gets to the heart of the matter quickly and as concisely as possible.

It’s really telling as well that Lorena Gonzalez, the former Union lawyer who is now a California state lawmaker, was too frightened to defend her horrible bill to Stossel.

It might be because she knows she’s really horrible at debate:

ANYWAY, please inform yourselves on AB5 because Democrats want to apply it nationally, and it will hurts MILLIONS of workers just as it is hurting tens of thousands in California right now, and possibly many more.

Here’s some more on AB5, the freelance-killing law: