Boston Lincoln statue controversy is BS – here’s why

So look it’s a done deal, the Lincoln Emancipation statue in Boston in coming down. The reason for this is that many people are, stupidly, upset that the slave is kneeling while Lincoln is standing triumphantly in the statue.

I have to admit, I understand why some people might find that questionable, but if they look into the history of the statue and what it represents, I think it’s just not that strong a critique. Certainly not enough to take down a great statue that represents a great moment in American history.

BUT, if you’re upset that the statue makes slaves look downtrodden, then someone needs to explain to me why this statue is still OK:

It’s at the The National Memorial for Peace and Justice, which is also known as the National Lynching Memorial, in Montgomery, Alabama. Now I want to make it clear that I don’t have a problem with it, it’s a great monument to a horrible time in America. But why is the top statue denigrating to slaves, and not the bottom one? Just because of the presence of Lincoln?

I learned about the latter monument during an MSNBC documentary that actually has a lot of interesting information about slavery and the statue controversy. But they seemed to love the existence of the slavery statue, so why not defend the Boston Lincoln statue also?

Here’s the video on the documentary: