Tik Tok celebs freak out after Trump says he’ll ban the Chinese commie spy app

This morning el Presidente followed upon my previous advice and indicated that he would seek to ban the social media app Tik Tok, which is also a communist Chinese spy app that steals all your data.

So there are a lot of Tik Tok celebs who are freaking out because the app was so popular and they are going to lose their followers:

Late Friday night, a social platform best known for coordinated dance routines and funny videos turned somber. TikTok users across the US began livestreaming and posting videos in tribute to what they feared was the end of TikTok, the short-form video app they’ve come to love and depend on.

“Everyone is live right now,” said Ehi Omigie, who has about 25,000 followers on TikTok, in a livestream on the app Friday night after news broke of a possible US ban. “Everyone is going cray cray … If it does happen, follow me on Instagram.”

Others were strategizing ways to get around a ban, including by trying to trick servers to make it look like they’re browsing from a different country where TikTok is allowed to operate. “Do not panic, do not panic,” one user repeated several times in a video. “Do not panic yet. Do not panic right now.”

Look a this idiot:

Yeah no, that’s not it, and you’re a dumbass if you believe that. There are many many many reasons to ban Tik Tok, not the least of which is that it’s aiding a government that is literally running concentration camps for religious and political persecution. Here are some other reasons to ban it.

Now, some of this is definitely funny since I, like the rest of you, bear some resentment of those who make their income based on some vapid popularity contest on Tik Tok. BUT, on the other hand, I have some sympathy as well. They built up an audience, worked on their branding, and now it’s all gone through no fault of their own. I think we should probably not take too much Schadenfreude pleasure of their pain.

ON THE OTHER HAND… there are some pretty hilarious Twitter jokes about it.

And of course, there are always conspiracy theories whenever something slightly inconveniences people.

No, it’s not fishy, it’s the free market. Now go forth and stupefy.

Unbelievably stupid, unless you’re serving a gullible idiotic audience. Anyway, I’m glad he’s banning Tik Tok, it’s a threat to freedom everywhere, and it can easily be replaced. David French sums up the main points in a tweet:

Yup. Don’t console your angry teens, tell them to shut the hell up, do the dishes, and move on with their lives.