The most enjoyable tweets from the day before the 2016 election

Listen I’m not gonna tell you that I think Trump is gonna win again. And I ain’t about to tell you that I think he’s gonna lose. I just don’t know. But I DO KNOW that there are a lot of very very satisfying and funny tweets from four years ago when people were pretty arrogantly assured that Trump would lose. In this time of division and possibly pre-civil-war, I bring you the best tweets to laugh over as we all stockpile weaponry ammo and water for the inevitable race war.

Fox News predicted 274 for Clinton, 215 for Trump and 49 in the tossup states. Trump ended up with 304 electorals, which is more than 215 and all the tossups. Hillary ended up with only 227.

Here are some more maps:

Clinton 301 to Trump 237.

Daily Kos:

Clinton 323 to Trump

Jim Messina ran Obama’s 2012 campaign:

Also false, didn’t happen:

This is weird:

Did the KKK give up this year?

Yeah, that didn’t happen.

That didn’t happen either.

Yup. He did.

OK I have to admit this is pretty clever, but… didn’t work:

On the stock market – massive selloff?

NOPE. It jumped up in value and has steadily increased until COVID hit.

On Melania’s future:

Not quite.

That’s awkward:


Wait, I didn’t know he actually said this:

Stolen from Pedro’s high school presidential political platform!!

And finally… el Presidente Trumpo was called a racist because he didn’t say Beyonce’s name correctly four years ago:

Guess what. Four years later, he still hasn’t learned to say it correctly!


I guess you just have to elect him to see if he will ever learn to pronounce Beyonce’s name.

Well that was fun. No go read this, it’s good for you.