Lin Wood and Sidney Powell call for Trump to declare martial law after losing Supreme Court case

Well it’s not going very well over at Kraken central. We have now officially gone from “Trump just needs to have his day in court” to declaring martial law. That escalated quickly.

Ya’ll taking this SCOTUS defeat a little hard, ain’tcha?


He’s not joking, I guess:

Hmmm. This seems a little irresponsible, no? And utterly disingenuous. If you can’t prove your case in court, when the Supreme Court, which is now leaning conservative, refuses to hear your case, shouldn’t you just take the loss? Is it more likely that these two nutcases just can’t prove what they promised to prove, or that there’s a vast vast conspiracy against Trump, including the Justices that HE HIMSELF appointed to the Supreme Court? C’mon, it’s getting embarrassing. Or I should say, more embarrassing.

The Kraken is dead.

We’re not heroes in some action movie, and we’re not gonna change election results with the strength of our tweets. Time to face reality.