Black Twitter is obliterating Jemele Hill on Inauguration Day over this Bernie tweet

Well it’s Inauguration Day, and it’s not quite what many people hoped it was. Joe Biden and Kamala and Hillary and the gang are not yet arrested for their crimes against Q-manity, but the day is still young!

Anyway, for some hilarious reason, Black Twitter decided they would celebrate the inauguration by absolutely crushing Jemele Hill, the Trump-hating sports chick, for her weird tweet that just tried too hard.


Yeah I get the sense that Hill tries too hard to fit in with black twitter and they don’t take too kindly to those kinds of shenanigans. The result is abject hilarity.


Aw, it’s really bringing us all together:


I think partly it’s also that she’s trying really hard to make Bernie a black community thing, and they’re not really into it.



Yup, not the best day for some of us, but at least we can laugh at black twitter destroying Jemele Hill. Now let’s all register for our FEMA re-education camps.