Here’s how Twitter’s stock is doing since they permanently banned Trump

In case you were wondering if Twitter had collapsed after suspending Trump, as many had predicted, no, it has not collapsed at all. If you’ll remember they suspended him after the attempted insurrection at the U.S. Capitol. All sorts of people declared that Twitter was dead:

So. Here’s what actually happened. If you had dumped $1,000 into the stock when it dipped after suspending Trump, you would have had 21.27 shares (you can own fractional shares now). Fast forward to the present day, just a few months later, and you would have this much money:


…or an increase of more than 40%!!! That is astounding growth. Just imagine if you had tossed in much more at the stock.

My point is this. We see all sorts of idiotic claims made by blogs and other sources that feed people what they want to hear. In this case, it’s that Twitter cannot survive without Trump. But none of those morons who tweeted that contention ever go back to actually *check* to see if that prediction came true. Now, if Twitter HAD gone bankrupt, you’d see headlines all over the place about it. This is how we keep each other stupid.  In addition to all sorts of other ridiculous tomfoolery.

People were celebrating that Twitter lost an incredible $5 BILLION because they banned Trump:

A few months later, not only has Twitter regained that $5 billion in market share, it went from about $36 billion at its low after banning Trump, to $52 billion today. That is $16 BILLION that Twitter has increased in value.

What’s the point of all this? Stop believing stupid bullshit stories that exist simply to get your clicks and feed your preferred political agenda. We *should* be smarter than that…