Of course Chris Cuomo used his elitist Democratic family connections to get coronavirus testing before the peons and peasants

I mean we shoulda seen this coming, right. While Chris Cuomo was begging for attention during the coronavirus epidemic for his incredible suffering, he ALSO was using his elitist Democratic family connections to get testing that the peons had to wait for!!

What a lucky guy. Hey remember when he joked with his scumbag sexual harassing brother about how big that q-tip swab for his test was gonna be? I wonder how enormous that swab was for his elitist test? Wasn’t that hilarious?! Meanwhile, his brother was sending coronavirus patients to nursing homes and killing old people, but who cares? Chris Cuomo got the care and attention he needed, so it was all so funny:

Not surprisingly, CNN is making excuses for Cuomo because of course, they want to stay connected to his elitist scumbag family too:

I would call it unbelievable, but it is all too believable.