SOoperPodcast #484!! You know I can kick you in the head? HurriquakeCast!!

THIS WEEK we return with JESS in the first Hurricane Hilary podcast!! El Sooper under threat of death and drowning!! El Sooper talks about dying in the hurricane also then they talk about Elon Muskboy destroying Twitter and Tweetdeck but why it is a noble sacrifice. And there’s an arguing with white people update!! Then we discuss the difference between the Mayan calendar and the Aztec calendar!! ALSO el Ronaldo the Second settles the big big Ketchap debate! WOW!! And the hurriquake kills el sooper. ALSO how is DeSantis’ campaign doing? Ooof. And Short white people privilege. And the best race riot everrr!! And why Jess will hit el Sooper with a chair. Listen to the last sooperpodcast before jess takes over after he dies! WOW!!

And here it is in case it doesn’t load up on your browser, click here!

Here’s some of the tweets referenced in the podcast:




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