The gringo army is a special online asymmetric warfare team employed to destroy, disrupt, and ridicule liberal operations. Join today!!

Operation: to be determined

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Especially prized are angry reactions by filthy liberals!

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8 Responses to GRINGO ARMY

  1. Brittius says:

    Funny stuff! I would like to see SooperMexican do something when Mayor Michael “Nanny” Bloomberg of New York City speaks and the hand signer is doing the signing. SooperMexican can translate. “Yo, this chump says ‘no soda’, is he kidding?”.

  2. OustObama12 says:

    Thanks for making me spit my drink on my monitor! I just saw the Gringo Army T-shirt and the caption “Available in White, Just Like You!!!”

  3. Anthony Sanders says:


  4. Rob Jesionowski says:

    I just killed my monitor … soda is bad for electronics and I mad the mistake of drinking while your video was loading. Thank you. Seeing his douche-ness ‘habla’ to ‘the little people’ was too much.

  5. I would totally like this, except that we’re not Hispanics. We’re Latin Americans on this side of the hemisphere. And please don’t tell me that we’re Hispanics because we come from Spain, because on that logic I would then point out that since scientists claim mankind comes from Africa, then we should all mark African Americans on all forms. But I love you page man! ~ margarita

  6. Robert Dean says:

    love it fantastic

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