Gas Pump Protest!

Tired of high gas prices? Want to make your voice heard? Here’s a quick, easy, and effective way to do it:

At DISRUPT the NARRATIVE, an idea has grown into a nationwide movement:

Do you have to take these gas prices in silence? I don’t think so.
All you have to do is download this pdf, print out a few copies and put them, along with a roll of Scotch tape, into your car.
The next time you fill up, instead of watching in horror as the dollar amount on the pump races by as the gallons trickle into your tank, afix one of these to the pump.
Take care to not cover vital information regarding safety, etc. and don’t cover any advertising.
Then drive off with a smile on your face, knowing that when the next person drives up to the pump they’ll either agree with you and be pleased to know that they’re not alone, be better informed by your message or if it’s an Obamabot, you’ll have thrown water on their circuitry and ruined their day.

DOWNLOAD the Original Image HERE!


However, if you’d like a snazzy SooperMexican-designed sticker to streamline the process, then SIGN UP! I’ve come up with a few designs, and I will PERSONALLY print them out, and send them to you through snail mail FOR FREE, if you send me at least ONE picture of them posted on a gas pump! Here are the designs:




these are free, up to 6 stickers, just send me your address. Your info will be kept in confidence, and not used for any commercial purposes.


If you want the premium sticker, it’s gonna cost you a little bit.  You can have these puppies at the low low price of only 50 cents each! Just trying to recover some of the cost of ink and stamps, Gringos! (send me your gringo cash here)

OR, if you’d like to do it yourself, right click on the images and make your own!

These stickers are NOT permanent so as to not cause permanent damage – we are conservatives, not vandals like the Left.

Send your information on the form below: