Obama betrays our allies to the rooskies

This issue is really close to me. I don’t have any personal or ancestral connection to these countries. There’s just something awfully wrong about how the western powers sold out our pro-western friends to the Soviets. It’s a disgraceful episode in our history that was redeemed by the courageous acts of people like Lech Walesa, Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher and Pope John Paul II, at a time when the intellectual elite ridiculed and demonized anyone who would dare stand up to the evil empire. It took almost a full century for the West to topple the unspeakable evil of this communist scourge – how can we stand by and allow it to reemerge, and swallow up our allies again? How could we let faithful democracies standing strong at the door of death and totalitarianism, depending on us for strength and sustenance- how could we allow them to fall again to the Russian aggressors? I pray another Reagan will come along to redeem this awful betrayal of our allies, and that he comes soon. Before the atrocities begin anew.


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