Obama betrays our allies to the rooskies

This issue is really close to me. I don’t have any personal or ancestral connection to these countries. There’s just something awfully wrong about how the western powers sold out our pro-western friends to the Soviets. It’s a disgraceful episode in our history that was redeemed by the courageous acts of people like Lech Walesa, Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher and Pope John Paul II, at a time when the intellectual elite ridiculed and demonized anyone who would dare stand up to the evil empire. It took almost a full century for the West to topple the unspeakable evil of this communist scourge – how can we stand by and allow it to reemerge, and swallow up our allies again? How could we let faithful democracies standing strong at the door of death and totalitarianism, depending on us for strength and sustenance- how could we allow them to fall again to the Russian aggressors? I pray another Reagan will come along to redeem this awful betrayal of our allies, and that he comes soon. Before the atrocities begin anew.

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Hoisted on their own Petard

I’ve been listening to Mark Steyn’s marvelous book, “America Alone” which is frightening in its implications. Fortunately, he is a great writer and interjects amazingly witty and entertaining quips will informing the reader (or in this case, the listener), with facts and figures to chill your spine. It is such an important book, I think I’ll buy a hard copy in addition to the audio iTunes copy I have so that I can mark it up with notes and also share it with friends. I highly recommend it. Here I try to summarize his conclusion that Europe is sowing the seeds of its own destruction by way of insistence of tolerance and multi-culturalism. Don’t believe it? Read the book…..

Read a description of the book and order it from AMAZON
Or read Mark Steyn’s Columns from his website!!!

What Kind of American Are You?

Look, the guy is on the right side of the issues, but frankly, he’s kind of a moron. If only 85-year-old women called into his show, then his poor argumentation skills would never surface. However, he has a strong following. The thing that bugs me is his insistence on calling absolute strangers who call in, “good Americans”. That appellation should mean more than just what radio show you call in on. And, so, in that spirit, I offer this little bit of mockery….

Throwing his Weight Around

Really when you consider the Democrat’s plans, they are brilliant. They send out Barney Frank to accost the people who are speaking out against the socialist health care bill, and in doing so, they intend to put out of business your hardworking political cartoonist! After all, you can’t possibly make Barney Frank more of a caricature than he already is – we are left dumbfounded! Have no fear, great American! I mustered all the strength left in my liver, downed a few beers and consulted my pickled creativity for this gem. Comments are appreciated – as is promulgation of my meager contrivances…

Oh DeathCare, Where is Thy Sting

For those who doubted whether Palin’s decision to abandon the governership of Alaska was a wise one or not – look upon her works and despair! All it took is for her to make a “hyperbolic” exaggeration (a friend came up with the very accurate adjective- thanks Ann!), and the resulting uproar around the “death panels” in the health care bill brought the Dems to their knees until they agreed to axe the provision. Even Obama doesn’t have a line item veto on whats in the bill! Let’s hope her influence only grows as we get closer to the 2012 election (and maybe that it grows less strident)…. here’s my contribution:

Screw you Gecko..

Geico recently pulled their ads from the Glen Beck show because he was saying things they found too controversial. Well, screw them, cowards. I know many people who are canceling their insurance policies with Geico. I have my insurance through another company, but to join the fight, I offer the following!

Democracy in Action in Barack’s America!

I was inspired by actual video of union thugs abusing seniors, including an elderly man with cancer and a colostomy bag, to draw this.

I’m not exaggerating too much how the left is trying to muscle out dissent and shove socialist ObamaCare down our throats, impoverishing our nation, and destroying arguably, the best health care system in the world.

Learn to Argue like our President!!

The Strawman Fallacy of Argument

The act of mischaracterizing an opponent’s argument as weaker than it is, and defeating the weaker, in order to discredit the opposition. A fallacy of argumentation.

I’ve had a lot of interest on this cartoon so I thought I would elaborate a little on the strawman fallacy of argumentation.
In a debate, one person commits this error when they act as if they’re describing the argument of their opponent, but in actuality, are describing a weaker or completely falsified form of it.

Example: In my cartoon, Obama describes the argument of his opponents, when that is NOT what Republicans say about healthcare.

Then that same person refutes this false argument, and claims that he has the superior opinion. This is often called “knocking down strawmen”.

To the audience which agrees with the arguer will most likely cheer, the opponents will be annoyed, and anyone in the middle who doesn’t understand logic will be slightly swayed towards the error.