the Four HorseCzars of the Obamapocalypse

I doubt that most people knew what they were in for when they voted for Obama. One of his most effective strategies is to outsource his most radical intentions to his breathless followers so that he can disavow their administration. So, he will make an innocuous speech tomorrow to America’s schoolchildren, but his cultish fervent believers in the teaching bureaucracy will force the kids to assiduously study Obama’s life and sing praises to his dear authority (if you doubt this, please consult google or youtube).

The most obvious manifestation of this strategy is the installation of extremist czars. Even those in his own party question the proliferation of czars that seem to overextend the power of the executive and precariously tip the scale of balance that our founders carefully put into place. I encourage you to investigate yourself the weird and creepy beliefs of the czars, but especially those of the following 4 that I depict. Cass Sunstein, John Holdren, Van Jones, and Carol Browner. Do you support a global government subverting American sovereignty, a communist economy, infanticide, animals given the same rights as people, and the state making decisions for you?

I think this is not in the nature of the America that has brought more prosperity, wealth, freedom and happiness to more people on earth than any other nation that has ever existed.