Silly Olbermann… gravitas is for men!

It went around the twitterverse that Keith Olbermann was asking for the Daily Kos readers to dig up what they could on Glenn Beck.

Really what he was admitting to his followers is that any ONE of those morons could do the job he’s doing just as incompetently. All you need is a stale source of moderate epithets with a slight tinge of intellectual veneer, and you’ve captured the smug (and small) viewership of Olbermann’s. “Facts are stubborn things” however, and really what it amounts to is Olbermann trying to claw his way onto Glenn’s coattails.

I think we will find that the search will be in vain, and Glenn will continue to dominate them with high ratings…

ratings are from the website
inspiration drawn from a comment on twitter from “libertylibertas” (I recommend you follow her!)