TwitterCONS recommend some books

I really need to shut down my AUDIBLE account – it allows you to purchase books on tape and upload them to your IPhone. This is terribly handy, but it a subscription service which means they got their hands in my pockets every month, so I need to download some books, and move on. I thought I would roll the wheel of Twitter, and see what recommendations for conservative books would pop out of it.. SO here they are!

More recommendations are welcome!

These are books I’ve already read, and thoroughly enjoyed. In my opinion, you have to read these in order to be informed about modern history that supports a conservative worldview, and what that worldview is. Some aren’t even necessarily partisan in themselves…

America Alone – Mark Steyn: Great read forecasting the inevitable future based on demographics of birth rates in Europe and America. He’s a great writer that makes you laugh while you read about the coming European catastrophe… (recommended also by @gregzimmerman, @sonof_liberty

Liberal Fascism – Jonah Goldberg: A great look at the early history of progressives and their philosophical and political ties to fascism.

The Looming Tower – Wright : Historical account of the events leading up to 9/11 – chilling and incredibly informative.

The Nuclear Jihadist : Another historical account of how Pakistan got the nuclear bomb and the international community’s failure to stop it, mostly because of a “failure of imagination.”

Right Turns – Michael Medved: A great autobiography of Medved, one of the most intelligent radio talk show hosts in the country.

Books I haven’t read yet, but come from people I trust on twitter ( as much as that can be said!):

Ride the Thunder – Richard Botkin (via CCC6)

The Forgotten Man – Amity Shlaes – A conservative account of the FDR years that argues against the popular notion that he saved America from the Great Depression through gov’t spending. A salient book for modern times. (via @CCC6)

Arguing with Idiots – Glenn Beck (via @gregzimmerman)

While Europe Slept (via @gregzimmerman)

Londonistan (via @gregzimmerman)

The Last Jihad – Joel Rosenberg: Fictional account of future political calamaties with a Christian worldview. A series of novels (via @gregzimmerman, and photog357)

Liberty and Tyranny – Mark Levin (via @diggrbiii)

The Truth About Muhammed – Robert Spencer (via @gregzimmerman)

Why We Want to Kill You – Walid Shoebat (via @gregzimmerman)

Willful Blindness (via photog357)

Surrender Is Not an Option: Defending America at the United Nations- John Bolton (via photog357)
Inside the Revolution (via photog357)

Not Out of Africa – Mary Lefkovitz : as @gregzimmerman puts it, “Black studies teachers hate it. Debunks the whole Cleopatra was black thing and other myths.”

The 5000 Year Leap (via @sonof_liberty)

Vince Flynn, Daniel Silva, Brad Thor (via photog357)

RON PAUL nuttiness: I haven’t read these. I don’t like his 3rd party views, even though I think some of his ideas are good. I would encourage reading these less than the others, and please don’t vote 3rd party! (via @starspangledGrl)

This is all I have for now.. if you have any other suggestions, please leave a comment or tweet me at @soopermexican!
God bless!!