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I really need to shut down my AUDIBLE account – it allows you to purchase books on tape and upload them to your IPhone. This is terribly handy, but it a subscription service which means they got their hands in my pockets every month, so I need to download some books, and move on. I thought I would roll the wheel of Twitter, and see what recommendations for conservative books would pop out of it.. SO here they are!

More recommendations are welcome!

These are books I’ve already read, and thoroughly enjoyed. In my opinion, you have to read these in order to be informed about modern history that supports a conservative worldview, and what that worldview is. Some aren’t even necessarily partisan in themselves…

America Alone – Mark Steyn: Great read forecasting the inevitable future based on demographics of birth rates in Europe and America. He’s a great writer that makes you laugh while you read about the coming European catastrophe… (recommended also by @gregzimmerman, @sonof_liberty

Liberal Fascism – Jonah Goldberg: A great look at the early history of progressives and their philosophical and political ties to fascism.

The Looming Tower – Wright : Historical account of the events leading up to 9/11 – chilling and incredibly informative.

The Nuclear Jihadist : Another historical account of how Pakistan got the nuclear bomb and the international community’s failure to stop it, mostly because of a “failure of imagination.”

Right Turns – Michael Medved: A great autobiography of Medved, one of the most intelligent radio talk show hosts in the country.

Books I haven’t read yet, but come from people I trust on twitter ( as much as that can be said!):

Ride the Thunder – Richard Botkin (via CCC6)

The Forgotten Man – Amity Shlaes – A conservative account of the FDR years that argues against the popular notion that he saved America from the Great Depression through gov’t spending. A salient book for modern times. (via @CCC6)

Arguing with Idiots – Glenn Beck (via @gregzimmerman)

While Europe Slept (via @gregzimmerman)

Londonistan (via @gregzimmerman)

The Last Jihad – Joel Rosenberg: Fictional account of future political calamaties with a Christian worldview. A series of novels (via @gregzimmerman, and photog357)

Liberty and Tyranny – Mark Levin (via @diggrbiii)

The Truth About Muhammed – Robert Spencer (via @gregzimmerman)

Why We Want to Kill You – Walid Shoebat (via @gregzimmerman)

Willful Blindness (via photog357)

Surrender Is Not an Option: Defending America at the United Nations- John Bolton (via photog357)
Inside the Revolution (via photog357)

Not Out of Africa – Mary Lefkovitz : as @gregzimmerman puts it, “Black studies teachers hate it. Debunks the whole Cleopatra was black thing and other myths.”

The 5000 Year Leap (via @sonof_liberty)

Vince Flynn, Daniel Silva, Brad Thor (via photog357)

RON PAUL nuttiness: I haven’t read these. I don’t like his 3rd party views, even though I think some of his ideas are good. I would encourage reading these less than the others, and please don’t vote 3rd party! (via @starspangledGrl)

This is all I have for now.. if you have any other suggestions, please leave a comment or tweet me at @soopermexican!
God bless!!


Right at the outset I want to make it clear that I am NOT saying Barack Obama is a terrorist. While his policies WILL eventually lead to many deaths of Americans, and their allies (and probably have already), I am not saying necessarily that he has the intention of destroying America in the same way as the 9-11 hijackers are. I would never say such a horrid thing. I would never insinuate that our president would kill innocent Americans for political gain – just as I would never sign a petition that would demand an investigation to uncover evidence of such. In fact, I’m not referring to 9-11 at all, but rather, mocking the pilot who dared to fly through manhattan and scare the hell out of everyone without official White House order. The two towers are in no way a reference to the World Trade Towers, but are in reference to some of the pillars of American society and political organization that our president is trying to destroy. With a plane. Perhaps the plane of a hijacked constitution, or a plane of usurped Executive authority. However, and I wanna make this clear, in no way am I trying to imply that Barack Hussein Obama is a terrorist that is trying to destroy America by including in his cabinet and Czardom the kind of people who have actively sought to destroy America in the past, and sworn Communist enemies of America. It is a mere coincidence that I draw a cartoon so similar to the twin towers on the day of 9-11. In fact, I draw this in support of Barack Hussein Obama’s platform of subverting the free market and wresting control from the individual in favor of the state that knows better for everyone. I expect a check from the National Endowment of the Arts for my obedient call to propagandistic action on behalf of our half-black comrade in chief.

Tall Tale Barry’s Snake Oil

Barack gave his make or break speech, and fell more on the side of breaking than making. He shallowly delved into some minutiae enough to bore, but not enough to convince one that this bill will do what he promises. I don’t think it was a total failure, but the fact that most of the news centers around the outburst of his detractor and not anything particular to the speech itself shows that it had little to no affect on his sinking fortunes. Charles Krauthammer offered a particularly accurate summation of the speech when he said “He sounded smooth and polished and strong and convincing – and what he was selling was snake oil, that is, a completely bogus claim.” Krauthammer is the most insightful and incisive pundit out there right now. He’s amazing. SO I humbly place this small offering on the altar of the KROWT!

Olbermann’s Empty Head

This is a little too simple. Olbermann is already such a joke, it’s actually difficult to make fun of him. It is especially pleasing to see such a towering intellect as his leading the charge from the leftist media. Him, Gibbs and that sadsack Bill Maher could form the media three stooges.. oh! Great cartoon idea!!! In the meantime…

C’mon everybody, say it with me, “Yes we CAN…. Yes we CAN!!!”

Silly Olbermann… gravitas is for men!

It went around the twitterverse that Keith Olbermann was asking for the Daily Kos readers to dig up what they could on Glenn Beck.

Really what he was admitting to his followers is that any ONE of those morons could do the job he’s doing just as incompetently. All you need is a stale source of moderate epithets with a slight tinge of intellectual veneer, and you’ve captured the smug (and small) viewership of Olbermann’s. “Facts are stubborn things” however, and really what it amounts to is Olbermann trying to claw his way onto Glenn’s coattails.

I think we will find that the search will be in vain, and Glenn will continue to dominate them with high ratings…

ratings are from the website
inspiration drawn from a comment on twitter from “libertylibertas” (I recommend you follow her!)

the Four HorseCzars of the Obamapocalypse

I doubt that most people knew what they were in for when they voted for Obama. One of his most effective strategies is to outsource his most radical intentions to his breathless followers so that he can disavow their administration. So, he will make an innocuous speech tomorrow to America’s schoolchildren, but his cultish fervent believers in the teaching bureaucracy will force the kids to assiduously study Obama’s life and sing praises to his dear authority (if you doubt this, please consult google or youtube).

The most obvious manifestation of this strategy is the installation of extremist czars. Even those in his own party question the proliferation of czars that seem to overextend the power of the executive and precariously tip the scale of balance that our founders carefully put into place. I encourage you to investigate yourself the weird and creepy beliefs of the czars, but especially those of the following 4 that I depict. Cass Sunstein, John Holdren, Van Jones, and Carol Browner. Do you support a global government subverting American sovereignty, a communist economy, infanticide, animals given the same rights as people, and the state making decisions for you?

I think this is not in the nature of the America that has brought more prosperity, wealth, freedom and happiness to more people on earth than any other nation that has ever existed.

A Fortuitous Death

It is amazing that the Democrats blast the few Conservatives that are saying Kennedy would have compromised on the health care bill, all the while using this tragedy to push the health care bill themselves. They even had his grandchildren lead the mourners in prayer that universal health care be passed, as if this is a religious issue. Amazing hypocrisy from the side that most often argues for a strict separation of church and state. In any case, as distasteful as this image might be, I think it’s an accurate depiction of just how ghoulish and hypocritical the Democrats are being for practically trotting out their beloved Teddy’s corpse to push their dying bill, save their party’s popularity, and redeem their failing president….