Universal DEAThcare for Babies

I had computer issues, so this was from a while ago, but I don’t think it’s any less true. Ben Nelson’s betrayal of the Pro-Life cause was all the more disgusting because the terms of the betrayal were so well known and publicized. A good friend of mine who works with Pro-Life causes says that if this Healthcare bill passes with the current language supporting government funding of abortions, the number of abortions in this country will increase by 130,000 per year (at the least – this is the most conservative estimate of the estimated increase). Further, it is known how much he sold out this unborn children for – the estimate here is $100 million for federal payment of the Medicare program in Nebraska. Simple math lets us know just how much Ben Nelson values each American child’s life. $769.23 per innocent baby. Let us remember the claim of the Right that eventually we will be made to go in front of death panels which assign a value to our lives, and they’ll approve or reject claims for healthcare based on their calculations of our worthiness to society. The left, including Barack Obama, have universally decried these claims as hysterical falsehoods. And yet, long before the healthcare plan even comes close to being approved, it has already stamped a cash value on each corpse of an American baby that is sacrificed to purchase Ben Nelson’s vote. $769.23.

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