Swastika Frijoles

This is from the much celebrated event (by me, anyway), of the smearing of a swastika on the Arizona capital windows in the shape of a swastika.

Never has Latino cuisine been used for political commentary in such a gleeful and clever fashion.

In this spirit, I offer the following image:


 Here’s more from AZ Family:

Investigators are looking into a case of vandalism at the state Capitol, sparked by the newly signed anti-illegal-immigration law.

Capitol police arrived on the scene at about 6 a.m., after a swastika was found smeared on the glass doors of the House and Senate buildings.

While it first looked like mud on the doors, it turned out be refried beans.

On the sidewalk, beans were used to write “AZ=Nazi,” again with a swastika.

It’s not clear when exactly the vandalism happened, but police believe it was some time overnight.

“That is what happens when there is so much fear and there is so much disappointment,” said Gustavo Ramirez, a protester from California. “The laws that have been passed, they are Nazi laws. They are not considering humanity. They are a crime against humanity.”

Ramirez said while he does not support the new law, vandalism is not the way to make a statement.

How can you not like Swastika Frijoles?
Answer: you can’t.

T-shirts available. You racist.

UPDATE: the tshirt is no longer available, as zazzle deems it too in-politically correct for them… fascists.

Oh well. Who’s gonna wear this design anyway?!?!

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