You gotta love Chris Christie. You have no choice..

This latest video has him arguing with an irate teacher – what is infuriating about her response, is the automatic reset to the tiresome mantra of, “teachers do it because they love it … that’s the only reason I do it”. If she wasn’t a teacher, I would question why she wasn’t bright enough to see the obvious non sequitur here. If the only reason you do it is because you love it, then why are you so adamant that you get paid way beyond what people with similar qualifications get in the private sector, and contribute similarly to your benefits?

I am so sick and tired of hearing teachers whine as if they are the most selfless, tortured sacrifices of our society, and as if they are the most important, just because they have charge of the education of children. Maybe if they did half a decent job instead of leaving kids woefully unprepared for any job that doesn’t include wearing a funny oversized hat and serving fried foods, it would be reasonable to pay them what we are already.

I hope the state of New Jersey is bright enough to understand the common sense solutions that Governer Christie is proposing, and that they support him. Maybe he can be an example to the rest of the nation’s politicians….